The Road to Mandalay…. Frome

As we drove the 350km to Santander, through the plains and distant snow capped mountain ranges, passing multiple villages, all with their oversized churches punctuating the skyline, we started to dream of Frome, with its own iconic architecture, culture and fountain centrepiece in its bustling and cosmopolitan square. We had a few hours to wander… Continue reading The Road to Mandalay…. Frome

Stunning Salamanca

Salamanca isn't a natural tourist stop, it doesn't tend to find its way into the "Valencia, Seville, Madrid guidebook must see's" but it really should be. We both confess to being ignorant of its vibrancy and style. It is known as La Dorada, the Golden One, and it radiates beauty. Many of the buildings are… Continue reading Stunning Salamanca

Solitude in Sevilla – Part 2

Staying at Puerto Gelves marina we could get the bus into Seville for €2 or we could go in via a cycle route, really easily. The bikes gave us a capacity to get off the beaten track. Our highlights are not only that an old Tobacco Factory in all its glory could become University de… Continue reading Solitude in Sevilla – Part 2

Solitude in Sevilla – Part 1

Having the opportunity to view Sevilla in times like these, felt like a blessing. Feeling like 'A listers' who had organised for Sevilla to be closed for the week, just so we could wander freely without paparazzi, was an alien concept but that's how it felt. Joking aside, there were no tourists that we saw,… Continue reading Solitude in Sevilla – Part 1

Plaza, Balcony, Narrow Street Repeat

Ah Cadiz, this is a difficult post to write without having to use a thesaurus for alternative words to stunning and beautiful! Having said that, our Aire parking spot at the docks wasn't so glorious but it was interesting! Being able to watch dock cranes loading and unloading from 100m away was something to behold… Continue reading Plaza, Balcony, Narrow Street Repeat

Tunnel of Doom v Clinica Abyss

We moved East along the coast to a site near Zahora. Having taken a walk around Zahora we concluded that there might be lots of second homes there and maybe some people, but given everything was behind high walls and gates we couldn't really tell. It was thus, soul less and I guess being off… Continue reading Tunnel of Doom v Clinica Abyss