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Forfar Four, John o’Groats One

First mainland night for a while was at Fearnoch Forest stopover outside of Oban. Scotland Forestry Commission and other orgs are trialling using places like this as overnight places and it is great. Seems they are trying to embrace the travellers among us and trust us with honesty boxes. We’ve seen no abuse of it,… Continue reading Forfar Four, John o’Groats One

Bleets ‘n Tweets on Mull

Travelling North over recent weeks we’ve really recognised the seasonal changes. It seems a long while since bluebells and lambing in Somerset yet up here there are still young’ns scampering to their mothers when two highlighter pens cycle anywhere near. It may sound dumb to say it, but recognising our surroundings and 'being present' is… Continue reading Bleets ‘n Tweets on Mull