The Road to Mandalay…. Frome

As we drove the 350km to Santander, through the plains and distant snow capped mountain ranges, passing multiple villages, all with their oversized churches punctuating the skyline, we started to dream of Frome, with its own iconic architecture, culture and fountain centrepiece in its bustling and cosmopolitan square.

We had a few hours to wander around Santander, walking past the bank HQ where Ant and Dec work along the main promenade and through the small Jardines de Pereda to the Cathedral (finished but small). Don’t laugh but it somewhat reminded me of Liverpool, grand, bulky, austere stone architecture akin to historic trading ports of the world. Much of the older medieval city was destroyed by fire in 1941 so other than the small old town area, its a city of tower blocks. Set beside its historic buildings are some modernist structures such as Centro Botin art museum and their Estadio El Sardinero, used by some lads for chasing a ball around a field and music events. Anyhow, we had our last supper watching the Friday night crowd before a lunatic taxi ride to the Aire, ready to head to the boat the following day.

We took our time, wringing out the last moments before heading to the port to sit among numerous Motorhomes, caravans and cars, the majority with Brexitland plates. It was like a scene from my favourite film, West Side Story, the Jets and the Sharks walking up and down the lines, checking each other’s MoHo’s out. Thankfully no altercations but lots of “One Up Man Ship” evident!

All went pretty smoothly, the furry one was very good and coped admirably in our Pet Cabin, no giggling, it was for pets though there may have been petting next door… Arriving back was a shock, we’d forgotten that they drive on a different side of the road but we made it safely to The Ranch and the wonderful Liz and Julia who have done our shopping for us. All we need to do now is sit out our ten days, take a couple of tests to prove our sanity we think and answer our daily Government calls (had one already) that don’t even ask where we are….

We may be quiet on the blog front for a few weeks although if anyone is interested in one about Frome I’m sure we could oblige! Gracias y buenas noche x

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