Solitude in Sevilla – Part 2

Staying at Puerto Gelves marina we could get the bus into Seville for €2 or we could go in via a cycle route, really easily. The bikes gave us a capacity to get off the beaten track. Our highlights are not only that an old Tobacco Factory in all its glory could become University de Sevilla, but the way Seville has transformed a previous unloved and dull square (yes there are some around) into an absolute ‘go to’ destination to see mushrooms. The Metropol Parasol or Las Seitas is a wooden structure located in Plaza de la Encarnacion and it has rejuvenated the whole area…. great ideas and bold design.

Some of the barrios off the tourist trail provided a real flavour for the city, it didn’t matter where we were, there were always tiny bars and cafes and a social vibe, certainly at the weekend. Riding through narrow passageways, stumbling across gorgeous squares, buildings, churches, convents, derelict property and quirky shop windows was endlessly fascinating. Here’s our favourite little square, Plaza de Santa Cruz and some of the other treats. Some of them sugary from the nuns at San Leandro Convent where, after a search we found a little doorway with a rotating hatch and a bell. You don’t see the nuns who sell you the “Yemas” but I did hear a giggle when I got the transaction all wrong. We’ve a video if anyone’s interested!

Last but by no means least, Catedral de Sevilla. Not allowed in this time but the exterior packs its own punch. It’s grand, of various design periods, mainly Gothic but with Moorish influences. One section appears to be a mass of different styles of turrets, domes and spires akin to pieces on a chess board. As the evening restrictions lifted we were in Seville by night (and had our first supper out of the whole trip) and the Cathedral takes on a whole new character.

Hola, Jigsaw here! Some new experiences for me too, they brought me swordfish home from their night out which I liked and I decided I’d like to try boats sometime. Anyhow, my trip to the vet wasn’t that bad. Rather than stick a spike in me he gave me a little head and body massage, asked me to say “ahhhh….” so he could check my teeth and he told me I was muy bonito which was very nice of him. He then gave me a little blue book that I think he called a PurrPort, with a circle of yellow stars on it and a word, España. The tall one said I’m lucky that I can have free movement in Europe now…. I don’t know what that means really, as he said we are going to Brexitland next. Anyway, here’s some pictures of me, in Seville, I know you like looking at them!

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