Hello, Jigsaw here…..

I just read the most recent posts and I’m right miffed. This whole blog is supposed to be about me, the travelling cat and they didn’t even mention me! I’d go grrrrr…. if I could! In fact, they don’t really talk about me much at all…. that needs to change I meowed….

My thoughts on Cadiz are that the car park is vast and I could have a good scamper around. I met two other cats who seemed to only live outside and I didn’t ever see a pawrent or them get fed. I felt very sorry for them. I quite liked Tarifa as I could watch the seals on their boards in the sea and there were lots of trees. They did bring me tuna once as a treat. The hoomans keep going out for hours on end so I make them, especially the tall one, give me lots of fuss when they come back. I’ve been very well behaved and a good traveller so I hope they stay somewhere nicer in Seville. I heard them talking about going to a place for mascots in Seville but when I asked a local cat, they said it meant a vet. I hope they aren’t going to stick and of those spike things in me!

I picked these photos for you.

PS Paws, sorry Sonia 🙂

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