Kindly drawn by Alison Ferris

Hello everyone

We, Nick, Lisa and Jigsaw hope you enjoy following our adventures through this blog.  “The Curious Adventures of the Cat in the Campervan”, will tell tales (get it!) of our travels around the world, we haven’t given up hope, its just looking a bit different right now.

So, The Curious Adventures of the Cat in the Campervan is born, thankfully, she doesn’t know what a pitchfork is and so far has only caught two mice her whole life. (yeah, ripped off The Curious Incidents…

Anyhow, click on “Our Blog” and you’ll see our posts and a selection of photos all taken with a phone.  We aren’t writing a blog to be worldwide popular with endorsements and mugs for sale with pictures of Jigsaw on them, we are just writing for you, our friends to follow our antics! Anyone wanting to see proper photography needs to go to Nicks site at

We really hope you enjoy what we write, it may not be a travel guide but we’d like to think we can entertain in our own little way!