First proper stop – Granada

So we’ve spent the past week around Granada. Contrary to news feeds, bars cafes and restaurants were open, the Alhambra was open and even though shops primarily closed Christmas eve, there was a real buzz around the town. Had a couple of hours in the sun at a cafe in the Albaicin area, an older part of the town, weaving cobblestone streets and the viewpoint at Mirador St Nicholas across to the Alhambra (only I could marry a saint eh?!) There’s a real cosmopolitan feel to Granada itself, lots of people milling around with a high mask adoption. Didn’t feel like people were being silly at all and we found a new use for a face mask (see pic, sloping table). Granada is settled below the incredible Sierra Nevada, we were pitched up with incredible views of the mountains and snow and watched skiers on the slopes. Went out on the bikes twice exploring, finding ourselves in some stunning spots and squidging olives among the masses of trees. There’s a local cooperative in Beas de Granada where farmers pick by day, very much by hand, then take their harvest to the local pressing factory using their weird and wonderful tractors, scooters, you name it! A day at the Alhambra with very few tourists was a dream for Nick, pictures will be on his website soon, yes he’s still working on it! In the meantime it’s my iPhone snaps! Hard to choose from them for this, as it’s immense beauty cannot be captured well enough. Moved today and have stumbled across a cool, hippy type place called Orgiva so I’ll report back soon on what we find! Pura Vida!

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