We finally made it!

So we made it! We have managed to leave the country to start exploring more of the world full time. Yes we need to continually adapt but that was always going to be part of it anyway. Lucky for us and contra to anything you may read, not a single check by authorities at any stage of a long but fascinating journey! From Calais headed via Rouen, Le Mans, Poitiers and Tours to Capbreton. Stunning variety of landscape and architecture changes travelling through France, ending up at the beach! Another two days through Spain across the vast plains (no rains!) and undulating landscapes, contoured by rows and rows of olive trees with the Sierra Nevada as a back drop with snow capped tips. Thankful to be on an empty site with all the facilities to ourselves and a week around the Granada area to explore. Taken a day relaxing in the sun today though! Daytime temp got to 19, sorry! Love to everyone! Selection of pics enroute. J has been posting at snowshoe_jigsaw. She spotted a place that sells mouse baps but we couldn’t stop…

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