New Years Resolutions

So we were talking resolutions, that’s a quick no… but then got to thinking about how quickly habits form.  We’ve just moved on from the eclectic town of Orgiva in the southern parts of the Sierra Nevada, its nestled in the valley at 450m but has a 360 panorama of views.  It’s quite a small town but packs a punch of diversity and interest.  

We formed a ‘habit’ of getting up and riding a pretty tough 15 mins uphill to the town square for coffee every day before going out on some epic rides.  Sitting with coffee in the sunshine we were treated to…. a local guitarist playing “Danny Boy”, children playing with makeshift swords and water pistols (not a mobile in sight) a plethora of languagues, locals picking oranges from the trees and the ever hanging about ‘counter culture’ folk from the three communes on the outskirts.  It felt like an alien ship had picked us up from cosmopolitan Grenada and dropped us into a small town cult, of sorts!  Either way we loved it!

Two epic bikes rides, both with climbs of over 2500ft took us the nearby villages of Cáñar and then Pampaneira.  Both gorgeous typical hill towns, Pampaneira incredibly pretty with chimney stacks akin to HooDoo’s a feature throughout the tiny cobbled steep streets.  its probably a tourist haven in normal times.  Getting there was another bike riding lesson, how to ride in a facemask and breathe at the same time ( plus much was unmade roads and stones) but near the top, we were charmed and motivated by the goat herder making it all look too easy, and the tones of goat bells.

We treated ourselves that night to a meal out in the one place that was open but did amazing pizza, Santa gave us a sleigh ride home!

Santa does facemask

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