Finding Breaking Bad…

So I said last time that we were moving on, well we loved it so much in Casares (this is on the ‘we could live here’ list) we stayed another day and went out on the bikes, finding ourselves high up over the tree line watching the birds from above. So close in fact, that it felt like we could jump on their wings and glide with them, glorious! We counted 44 circling at one stage off a pic. We unfortunately found that the track (loose term for it!) we were on had been washed away after approx 80% of the ride and not having the MB skills of Mr Flooks we had to back track, tough going so we stopped in the small Casares square for a reward… 🙂.

At the top of the town is the cemetery, my word the Spanish know how to do cemeteries. It was a magical space, a lovely quality about it.

Got some more vulture photos, photos off the laptop attached. Lens at full 600 mm zoom so only just ok (no comment please from the photographers among you!) We left Casares for a great Aire in Banarraba for a couple of nights with superb views into the valley below. Very quiet, sleepy, white town but a good spot for biking into Gaucin. Jigsaw loved it, gazing at the views and singing Julie Andrews tunes for some reason!

Heading into Gaucin, we found a cork forest, never seen it harvested before. Gaucin itself was also quiet, white and steep. We actually spotted another tourist believe it or not and we were able to have a legal picnic 🙂 with bits from a tiny little shop there. We’d imagine it’s a very different place on season but it still had fabulous miradors and squares at every turn off narrow streets. Also a massive convent!

After Banarraba we headed off to Ronda, conscious that a review on movement was pending so we donned our Bonnie & Clyde outfits and prepared to be nimble! We arrived in Ronda to find that the announcement that same evening was that it was a municipality locking down at midnight Saturday. So we were up early and rode into a very sleepy Ronda (that word keeps repeating itself!) however it did come to life and we had a good few hours there before having to leave and drive back towards the coast to municipalities with borders remaining open.

We’ve come back to Casares to take stock, have a ride out tomorrow and see what’s next. We really want to avoid the “I can’t get cheddar in the British supermarket” drama going on with the Brit Pack around Marbella, yes it makes the news out here! Instead we are going to strip the cheese out of Jigsaws dreamies and start a bootleg cheese factory…. anyone seen the Breaking Bad MoHo?!

Nick and his counterfeit cheese factory…..
Jigsaw’s audition for The Sound of Music
Another epic bike ride!

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