Brexit-on-Sea and beyond

We managed to get over the shock of the hoolie so once the new rules were clarified, which meant no real change other than earlier curfews, we moved along the coast towards Marbella, oh so different, but that’s the idea eh?! All the camp sites are vast, and even though tons of nationalities, it did feel like Brexit on Sea, the proud “residencias” (a visiting UK number plate seemed to be a magnet) with the Union Jack flags outside the permanent pitches. Maybe we mistakenly found the Brit zone of the site?!!

Anyway, we spent a day in Marbella which has a gorgeous Old Town area, usual cobbled streets, squares but is suffering like everywhere else with lots of the little shops ‘Aquilar’. Heading outside of the original walls to the north are some gems of tiny streets, houses lining both sides, so close they could have hung out each other’s washing. Very well kept, pots of Aspidistra and geraniums every couple of metres. Other than these parts, Marbella is as you’d expect, apartment and hotel blocks along the coastline. It’s a pleasant 3km walk on the promenade towards Puerto Banus if not to only take opinion on some of the properties. Google Earth will give an insight! We both felt Marbella was a bit soul less but that’s this coastline for you.

So we headed inland again in the direction of Ronda, turning off the dual carriageway inland and the landscape changing immediately. All of a sudden we were in amongst cattle farming, green fields and the inevitable wind turbines. We found ourselves in a super Aire (free as well!) at Casare a stunning white hill top town with incredible views across to Gibraltar and Africa beyond. One of the features here is Griffin Vultures circling above majestically and gliding to c 50m above our heads. We spent so much time watching them feathering and tilting on the therms. Mesmerising! As we are high up now the temperatures drop in the evening, but the sunsets are incredible and the town itself at half light looks like a glittering jewel, one of the prettiest towns by night. Tomorrow we’ll be continuing inland exploring more ‘white towns’ of this area en route to Ronda. For those of wondering, Jigsaw is doing fine, her Spanish is coming on and she’s decided she’ll only respond to Jigsaw Euro Gato these days, she’s such a drama queen! Keep safe and well everyone x.

(Apologies, I’ve a thing about Birds of Paradise that tickles me, the pic below was Middle Aged Bird 🙂 )

Beautiful Casares by Twilight

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