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Mouse Rolls & Motorways (with Bordeaux thrown in!)

Leaving Leon was a bit of a wrench, we felt we'd only scratched the surface but Brexit being the new norm 😦 we had to make tracks so it was the long road back to Le Shuttle. Making our way up to Bordeaux, stopping en-route in Basque country at Itxaspe, no I can't pronounce it… Continue reading Mouse Rolls & Motorways (with Bordeaux thrown in!)

Semana Santa Rocks – León

We had planned for a long time to make León our Semana Santa destination. A 10 day extravaganza of stunning processions. Everywhere celebrates, we've seen reference to the Paso's, brotherhoods, colourful statues and imagery everywhere we've been, from the smallest of towns to the big cities. León is up there as one of the most… Continue reading Semana Santa Rocks – León

The Road Trip Rap – Radio Edit

All Raps are best read out loud to a metronome beat at 100bpm! OR listen to our recital by clicking play below 🙂 where I channel my best John Cooper Clarke! Not! . Driving on a new road, the big explore, Living as nomads, life's opened the door Layin on the deckchairs lookin' at the… Continue reading The Road Trip Rap – Radio Edit

Fortifying in Porto

We wandered up the steep hill to the mirador at Mosteiro da Serra Pilar and gazed over the River Duomo and its iconic bridge at the Old Town. We could hear lots of singing and cheering and thought that perhaps Jigsaw's InstaCat fanbase had surprised us but alas, we'd happened to time our visit to… Continue reading Fortifying in Porto

The Life of Tiley

Once upon a time there was a Portuguese chap called Alfonso Rodriquez Tiley, he was a wonder with ceramics and through his short but troubled life he created, the 'tile'. After his fateful demise as a result of the Portuguese Inquisition, many of his followers, he was a popular guy and well travelled, decided to… Continue reading The Life of Tiley

The Wrong Trousers

The rain in Spain lies mainly….. everywhere at the moment! Similar to a lot of Southern Europe it’s been very wet, lots of folks bemoaning their inability to use sun loungers at Costa del Brexitland… find something else to do for goodness sakes! Anyway we continue and adjust as we go, not saying we haven’t… Continue reading The Wrong Trousers