Daft in Delft, Giddy in Gouda

We don't have anything against Germany but we didn't have enough time to stay longer than an overnight as we were heading towards Hollands Hook. Primarily a autobahn drive we had the pleasure of the "woosh-mobiles" again, more or less flying past us at ridiculous speeds, for company. It got us talking about how we… Continue reading Daft in Delft, Giddy in Gouda

The Mouse Trap – tails of a travelling cat!

Meow, Jigsaw here! I’ve had a look at the blogs from the humans Nordic trip and as usual I am not the centre of attention in their writing so I’m feeline the need to correct it. To be honest, it’s not been a bad one for me either. They did a very good job of… Continue reading The Mouse Trap – tails of a travelling cat!

Denmark, so much more than butter and bacon!

Denmark sits quietly between Sweden, Norway and Germany and to be honest, when we thought about Denmark's identity, we were limited in our terminology. We weren't using the same descriptive words that we had done about its neighbours but having spent a second stint here, (Charismatic Copenhagen) this time in the Jutland region, we realise… Continue reading Denmark, so much more than butter and bacon!

The Arctic Circle and The Computer Says No

After the gorgeous time in the wilderness we beatled our way up the long and winding road to the Arctic Circle. It’s a very long drive, it’s currently at 66°33′48.7″ north of the equator, it changes dependent on the earths tilt. I doubt they move the sign though or the gift shop/info centre/cafe! Jigsaw left… Continue reading The Arctic Circle and The Computer Says No

Captive in a Swedish basement!

Maybe the binge watching of ‘Nordic Noir’ dramas has influenced us, as we crossed The Oresund Bridge into Sweden, made famous by The Bridge, we felt the need to lock the doors. All the Nordic countries seem full of murderers, drug dens, kidnappers and criminals, we’ve learned that from the TV, so with much trepidation,… Continue reading Captive in a Swedish basement!

23 countries in 1 day

No, we haven't discovered time travel in the past week, it was a way to pass the time while travelling some really big distances and to distract me from the usual Campervan Karaoke. Basically, yes, nerds again, we were logging how many nationalities on number plates we saw while driving through France into Germany on… Continue reading 23 countries in 1 day