How do you eat an elephant?

Can you believe that this is blog 74? No, nor can we to be honest! That pesky pandemic thwarted our plans to do a long haul trip so we pottered around Europe, biding our time until finally we could start making it a reality. And here we are, in gorgeous Canada!

Adopting the “How do you eat an elephant?” approach to this voyage of discovery, the answer “in small bites”, we created more of a plan than we’ve ever done so far, and methodically worked our way through it. We’d be fibbing if we didn’t say we’d felt a little anxious at times but we aren’t the first, nor the last, to do this, and it’s a case of trust the professionals. The prize is worth it! There was a lot though, US Visas, vehicle shipping, vehicle preparation (electrics are all different etc), insurances and last but not least, pet transport. I’m not sure what was more stressful, shipping the feline one or the van… it’s all a question of which is most valuable. any guesses?!

So as most of you will no doubt be aware from the couple of posts we’ve done, we have all arrived safe and sound in Canada. We pitched up at the most amazing Airbnb ever! It’s outer Halifax in the stunning Purcells Bay area and we really couldn’t ask for more, before we downsize back to 7m. The views are magnificent and we could actually watch our van sail past (on a massive ro-ro ship obviously, not that it’s become Chitty Chitty Bang Bang en route. There are so many new birds too, thanks to the Merlin bird app, we can actually identify them by their sounds, it’s just finding them that’s the challenge! In typical style, the American Robin and American Goldfinch are twice the size of the European cousins and more colourful! Bigger and brasher!

While we waited for the nod from customs, for collection, we’ve explored the waterfront area of Halifax, dodging the cruise ship tourists takings selfies. It’s a really well developed area, lots of street art around and outdoor sculpture. I particularly liked ‘The Way Things Are’ sculpture which depicts street lamps doing human things…the diptych is ‘Got Dunk, Fell Down’…. We also discovered from our hosts that we are staying in the former home of the lady who created The Wave, an iconic waterside installation. In an antique store window, we also saw dolls that would, if in the UK, have meant the shop having to close having been targeted by trolls who don’t like history, unless they write it. Talking of history, the architecture is so varied, reflecting the ages, we love the colourful houses!

Peggy’s Cove is everything you’d imagine Nova Scotia to look, picture postcard perfect. Blue skies, brisk wind and long sea views from the wild and rugged, rocky coast line. The area is glaciated granite so smooth rocks upon which the lighthouse guides the boats. It remined us a little of Lofoten in Norway, coloured properties, some on stilts. It lacked the mountainous drama of Lofoten but was lovely all the same. We stumbled upon an amazing rock sculpture carved by William deGarthe who at 70 years of age, must have decided his garden needed a bit of pizazz! It depicts ‘Work, Bounty & Grace’ (fishermen, the riches of the sea & the guardian angel watching over them) In tad contrast to the danger sign that basically says if you fall in, no one will try and help you!

We’ve already met some great people and within 72 hours of arriving have already been offered somewhere to stay near Toronto and phone numbers in case of emergency. Our recent binge watch of series 3 of ‘Race Across the World’ where they raced from Vancouver to St John’s certainly had us excited about doing the same in the reverse but true to that program, we too are already experiencing Canadian kindness and generosity. We are unique, according to the fella at the docks who hadn’t ever seen a UK vehicle come over (lots of German and Swiss ego wagons/overlanders seen today) and we look forward to being a curiosity with a cat! We were asked today if we had a flack jacket though, for when we go into the US, can’t think why…

The Jigsaw Blog Spot

So they put me in a crate at Heathrow and drove off, what’s all that about? Not even their great friends May and Richard could stop them! I thought to myself, I’m going to make them pay for that when I next see them! As it was, they had at least organised for me to travel Pet First Class, I had my own private cabin on the plane, all to myself. I was feeling a bit peckish when we landed though, as they’d starved me, but thankfully, Whiskers is also sold in Canada. The place they brought me too is fab, lots of green outside and birds to watch but I’ve played the jet lag card quite nicely and have rested my sleepy head several times. It was nice to see my home turn up, I thought they may have lost it somewhere, but they’ve told me, all’s well in the world and I can explore again soon! Meowsers!

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  1. So pleased that you are safely up and running on your big adventure. Looking forward to following every step of your incredible journey. Lots of love and take care💕


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