The Road Trip Rap – Radio Edit

All Raps are best read out loud to a metronome beat at 100bpm! OR listen to our recital by clicking play below 🙂 where I channel my best John Cooper Clarke! Not!


Driving on a new road, the big explore,

Living as nomads, life’s opened the door

Layin on the deckchairs lookin’ at the moon,

Runnin’ away, like the dish with the spoon

The Tall One and Feeder, with a young cat,

Taken to the life, but gettin’ a bit fat


Flies on the windshield, cows in the big fields.

Plenty of queso, as all the Spanish say so.

Drivin’ for hours, got the feel of famish,

Need to pull over, learn mi Spanish.

Wet wipes, sanitiser, fill the cup holder.

Living the dream, before gettin’ older.

Tolls on the freeways, best to avoid,

Winding down backroads get locals annoyed.


Thanks for electric, out on the bikes.

Jig’s on InstaCat, tryin to get likes.

Stretching on the back seat, havin’ a snooze.

Dreaming of mice, got nothin to lose.

Layin’ on her cushions trying to stay fresh.

Meowing like a kitten, this ain’t no creche.


Coke in the side door, beer in the fridge.

Roads make me thirsty, swat that midge.

Treats in the glove box, leash at the ready.

Singing to the juke box, Charles & Eddy

Gotta find a good stop, time to take a break.

Jigs is gettin’ restless, eat more cake


Days are runnin’ out, no thanks to Brexit,

Jugglin’ time before have to exit.

Road hog the world, there’s no great plan

Stoppin’ where we feel like, in our van.

Rollin’ down the highway, feeding sweet things.

Kendal mint cake, mountain of dreams.


All sharin’ stories, meetin’ fun people.

Visit lots of places, seein’ lots of steeple

Singing all the old songs, cant recall the words.

What’s Kareoke, it sounds absurd

Travelling folk, not one of a kind.

Ask lot’s of questions, it’s good for the mind.


It’s not stopped raining, don’t get cranky.

No clean pants, where’s Widow Twanky?

Need to find a gas stop, have you seen the price?

We’re gonna have to live off beans and rice

Blastin’ down the long roads, music’s Johnny Cash.

Climbing mountains, as high as Snake Pass


Life as a road hog cooking on gas.

Kitchen’s very small, take care with the glass

Sittin’ in the hot seat, soaking up the rays.

Lost those sunnies, now I’m in a daze.

Feline gets attention, not from the fuzz.

Likes to feel the heat, just don’t drive buzzed!

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