The Mouse Trap – tails of a travelling cat!

Meow, Jigsaw here! I’ve had a look at the blogs from the humans Nordic trip and as usual I am not the centre of attention in their writing so I’m feeline the need to correct it.

To be honest, it’s not been a bad one for me either. They did a very good job of finding parking places for the meow-home that had plenty of adventure possibilities, so I too, could do my own type of exploring. I’m travelling well, the tall one has long legs for me to rest my eyes and stretch out and I can recharge my batteries!

I have to say that mousing in different countries has its unique challenges. I found the Swedish mice to possibly have poor eye sight as I caught 3 in one day. I’m thinking of writing a rhyme about that. The Norway ones were a little more reserved and harder to engage with until I shared some dreamies. It then became a bit of a late nighter. The Danish ones kept kicking little round things at me, eeeking ‘it’s coming home’ I think. I didn’t really engage with the German mice as didn’t have a lot of time and the Dutch were easy targets as they were really dopey.

Before we came away the man who sticks needles in me told the ‘tall one’ that I was a little bonnie, which I thought meant cute, but it meant I was carrying a little bit too much weight (the tall one always talks to me in a nice way even if it’s bad news!) I blame nanny Hudson for indulging me! Anyhow, the humans seem to limit my food and have put together an exercise schedule. There’s been no point in fighting it so I’ve been purrforming well at the tree climbing, the 10m dash and I’ve had some long walks. My best walk was 2km to watch a sunset on a sand dune. Really, who cares, sunset is mousing time. I think I may be lighter and fitter anyway.

Due to me being a bit of a nosey one I had to be rescued a few times by the feeder one. On one occasion there was a really big bird on some water that came over to me. It said ‘le chat’, turns out a chat wasn’t what it wanted and didn’t care if I was French or not. It was a black one too, like a Nordic Noir swan wanting me for its drama 😩. On another occasion I was off potholing but the tall one stopped me, the gaps weren’t big enough for him or something. They kept me safe from some big swoopy things, though to be fair, I can hold my own with any of those barking mad things. 🦮

It has to be said that I am a creature of comfort but sometimes on this trip they’ve pushed me out of my zone, taking me to some cold places, leaving me out in the rain and high altitudes where my pretty paws have had to cope with frozen rock and frankly not much more. They justified it by calling it my altitude record, 3½k paws maybe? I also have the indignity of looking like a cat Christmas tree in the evenings, tricky mousing when they can see me flashing! It’s been fun though in the warmer climes and when friends feed me dried fish. Maybe I need to live in Norway? I guess being of Brit cat descent, it’s normal to go on about weather?

Anyhow, enough about me, lol as the humans say! I’ve now been to 8 countries, I am very much a Euro Gato but I am looking forward to seeing my whippet friends Sammy, Wiley and Smarty at The Tytherington Ranch and catching the familiar English mice for a bit!

2 thoughts on “The Mouse Trap – tails of a travelling cat!”

  1. Well Jigsaw it does sound like the feeder one and the tall one have more or less been Catering for your Cat needs.
    Needless to say, it would have been Cataclysmic if whilst they were out Categorising Catholic Cathedral’s or some Category of fungi or Caterpillar, your Catalogue of the Catch of Catatonic locals caught Catnapping had gone unnoticed.


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