The Charisma of Córdoba

Sitting in the corridor between Granada and Seville, Córdoba is, according to the the guidebooks, famous for one thing, its glorious Mezquita. We wholly disagree and this rambling blog will no doubt reflect our amazing time in the understated charm of Córdoba. It has possibly become our favourite Spanish city, it's devoid of the large… Continue reading The Charisma of Córdoba

Curiosity and The Cat

We didn't skip continents, Wizard of Oz style but we did find ourselves in Little Texas without my ruby slippers.... The Tabernas Desert peddles itself on its past life as a Spaghetti Western filming area and it's looking as rundown and dusty as the films portray. We used it as an overnight stop and avoided… Continue reading Curiosity and The Cat

Benny and the Hills

Rounding the bend we saw in the distance, the Manhattan skyline, shiny skyscrapers piercing the light cloud cover and a feel of excitement and anticipation as we approached. The nearer we got, the tall tower blocks painted white, neon lights flickering...... white? Hold on, this isn't New York its.... Benidorm! Well, you can't be in… Continue reading Benny and the Hills

Via Verde to Valencia

We really don't have a fascination with anything morbid, honest we don't! Yes we enjoy the Nordic dramas but we do worry that you think we are just scouting around Spain looking for ghost towns, we're not! Sadly, they exist though, especially following the civil war. The road across from Morella to Belchite was as… Continue reading Via Verde to Valencia

The Panhandle to The Stove

In terms of State Parks we’ve been to several for ‘hikes’ as they’re called here, strolls to you and I. We’ve seen so much diversity, more Osprey, Ibis, all kinds of Heron, different varieties of Woodpecker, Mockingbirds, Buzzards and Hawks. Unable to photograph with the phone but cast in the memory. We were also incredibly… Continue reading The Panhandle to The Stove